TECHNO-SERVICE within the business performs, inter alia:

  • welding and assembly equipment - primarily for assembly and welding of railway cars, trams, metro and etc. 
  • mounting devices for the automotive industry
  • fans for air industry for plastic recycling plant 
  • welded constructions including aluminium, copper, alloy steels ( unit weight up to 5 tons  and dimensions 4x4x25m )
  • constructions heating furnaces with controlled atmosphere
  • items of equipment of inland waterway vessels
  • housings welded gears
  • surfacing of shafts weighing up to 5 tons
  • vane shafts conveyors for sand mine
  • acid-proof piping for sewage pumping stations
  • aluminum and acid-resistant manhole covers, ladders, handles and etc.
  • pumping stations and sewage treatment plants

We also seperate special constructions based on the customer's documentation.